First Spanish exporter manufacturer of vibration isolators and levelling mounts

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The hallmark of our quality

EGAÑA’s quality has long been recognized by our customers. Since 2000 we have been certified by one of the world’s most prestigious institutions, Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance Ltd. The UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 ensures the quality of our production processes, storage and distribution which means guarantees for our customers and satisfaction for us.

Our work is renowned thanks to the human quality of everyone at Egaña and their hard work and dedication day after day.

Our team is the driving force behind our quality. Their commitment, together with the fieldwork carried out by our representatives on a daily basis is what keeps us close to the market, its emerging needs and challenges. The result is the trust of our customers not only in our products but also in our ability to answer their questions and solve their technical problems; a trust that, year after year, inspires us to keep improving.


Paseo Egiburuberri, 19C
20100 Errenteria - Gipuzkoa - España

Phone number: [+34] 943 468835

: [+34] 943 460828

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