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EGAÑA’s elastic and antivibration mounts can be used with all types of machinery and have advantages over ground-anchoring:

  • Quick placement and machine mobility.
  • Damping of vibrations and shocks.
  • Leveling and traction.

Leveling differs depending on the mount model.

On models from the High, Low, Stainless Steel and Polyurethane (fixed mounts) series, the hexagon is turned to where the machine has settled. On the Polyurethane and CAM models the head of the threaded screw is turned while for wedmounts, leveling is achieved by turning the central screw.

The choice of model and size of mounts should be guided by the recommendations loads for each series, so that the resultant load per mount approaches the maximum resistance shown in the tables; thereby obtaining the greatest efficiency possible in the absorption of vibrations.

Silentblocks are mainly used either to reduce vibration inside the machine (motors, pumps, hydraulic units, etc.) or to allow vibration in parts of a machine but prevent it being transmitted to the outside (screens, vibrators, etc.). In these cases the choice of model is determined by:

  • The load per item.
  • The type of clamping (male, female, mixed).
  • The excitation and deflection frequencies.

Mount Types

Ongoing investigation has resulted in the emergence of new products (CAM series), the use of new materials complementary to rubber, and the progressive expansion of our range. Today EGAÑA designs and manufactures:

  • High series machine mounts.
  • Low series machine mounts.
  • Stainless steel series machine mounts.
  • Polyurethane series machine mounts.
  • CAM series machine mounts.
  • Wedgmounts.
  • Anti-vibration and nonslip mats.
  • Silentblocks.
  • Rubber buffers.
  • Elastic mounts.
  • Elastic couplings.
  • Rubber dampers.
  • Metallic dampers.
  • Various metal-rubber parts.
  • Molded rubber parts (washers, bushings, buffers, gaskets etc.).


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